Man in His 50s Caught Wearing Jeans

THE internet went into meltdown yesterday after images of a man in his early 50s was seen wearing a pair of jeans, it has been reported.

Shocked onlookers had to look away as the man strolled through a busy town centre in the heart of England.

Witnesses say many women grabbed their children and ran to safety.

One eyewitness who wished not to be named told our reporters: “It was horrible. The worst thing this town has seen in many years. The guy even had the nerve to wear a belt which looked right out of place and was obviously only there to hold his gut in.”

Fashion psychologist Annabelle Steinmeyer said of the horrid occasion: “Jeans are only supposed to be worn until you are out of your 30s. You might get away with it in your early 40s and you workout but other than that, it is a no-go when you reach 50.”

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