Lowering Drink-Driving Limit in Scotland Could Cause Climate Change Disaster, Warn Experts

CLIMATE change experts have warned a catastrophe could unfold if the Scottish government proceed with their newly-proposed lowering of the drink-driving limit, it has emerged.

Not being able to have a couple of pints then drive home could spark tremors causing Scotland to separate from the rest of the UK and float towards Scandinavia, according to one climate change group.

Other experts fear by lowering the limit as to how much alcohol can be consumed before getting behind the wheel will tip Scots over the edge that could cause widespread panic, triggering earthquakes, landslides, and even a soar in temperatures.

Climate expert Donna Heselstenhoff told Dafty News: “Changing drink laws in Scotland and making Scottish people comply with alcohol restrictions is like asking polar bears to wear sunscreen. It simply won’t work; therefore the country will completely melt and overtime disintegrate, reducing the population until there are no Scots left on the planet.”





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