Some Lovely Appealings On Behalf Of Big Chief Scambwana Bot Bot Odinga

My Darlingest Whiteys And Blackies Of Englishmen

I am daughter of big scientist and million dollar person, Big Chief Scambwana Bot Bot Odinga, who is most bestest person in Nigeria because he invent machine to make man’s cocky get bigger without aid of pumpings or medicine potions. Him sell machine to American government for $500 billion and Mr Barack say it is very loving thing for peoples of Wyoming.

My daddy in prison now because Mr Nigeria president try machine but still he is having small cocky. I am thinking he not use correctly. If you will be sending me $200,000 I will be paying bail and sending you all of Big Chief’s million dollar moneys and free machine for cocky.

 Please be sending all cashings to:

Lovely Big Chief Appealings

22 Carter St.


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