London Mother Quits Facebook Following “Benny Hill” Baby Jibes

A 22-year-old mother of two from Whitechapel in East London has quit the social media site, Facebook, after pictures of her 2-year-old child were lampooned on the site by people on her friends list, who compared the youngster to the late chubby-faced comedian, Benny Hill.

The woman – who has asked not to be named – told The Whelk that she regularly posts pictures of the infant to Facebook, in the belief that her virtual friends will be fascinated by watching the child’s development, behavioural traits, facial expressions etc.

However, following a particularly heavy stint of photo postings, her friends began sending her pictures of Benny Hill in a number of his trademark gurning poses – with one individual even sending the woman the zany signature tune of The Benny Hill Show which used to accompany the comic’s end of show pursuit of women in stockings and suspenders.

We managed to contact one of the woman’s Facebook friends last night who explained: “Everybody had become so heartily sick of looking at her moon-faced sprog we decided to get together and give her a wake-up call. The kid looks so much like Benny Hill it’s an absolute joke to be honest. The fact that she’s now quit Facebook is fantastic news for all of us. Maybe she’ll move to Instagram and foist her interminable photos of the little turd on the people in there, God help them. The kid really does look like shit on a stick trust me”

This latest incident of online bullying comes just two weeks after the body of a 73-year-old man from Wapping in East London was discovered floating in The Thames after a number of his Facebook friends expressed their disgust at his constant uploading of pictures of his meals; with one poster telling him that his lunch looked like “a big bowl of cat sick.”




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