London Man’s Hopes of Being Victimised And Abused in Glasgow Shattered Following Friendly Welcome

A 45-year-old man from East London has spoken of his disappointment after receiving a friendly welcome from the locals in Glasgow.

Danny Dee, a mechanic from Poplar, told The East London Gazette: “I was absolutely gutted by the friendly welcome I received to be honest with you.

“I went up there in the hope of reinforcing my bigoted, Londoncentric beliefs that the Glaswegians were a bunch of drunken, razor-wielding nutters, only to find they were a friendly and decent bunch who treated me with good-humoured kindness and warmth everywhere I went.

“Shop assistants were helpful, and very patient when they had trouble deciphering my cockney accent; with one off-licence girl even offering me a pen and paper to write down my order.

“I tried going into a run-down-looking pub in the hope of being given a hard time by the regulars. However, instead of being slashed and beaten up in the toilets, I was greeted warmly by my fellow drinkers and given a free pint of what the landlord called: “The big boayz ginger”

“As for the people themselves, not all of them had ginger hair, the girls were pretty, and I didn’t spot a geezer in a kilt the whole time I was up there. I was glad to get back to London so I could be treated in a surly, dismissive manner by all and sundry again I don’t mind telling you”

This latest revelation comes just a month after a man from Shoreditch travelled to Yorkshire only to find nobody kept coal in the bath or showed any visible signs of having a ferret down their trousers.





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