London and Glasgow underworld unable to take BBC’s Peaky Blinders seriously

London and Glasgow underworld unable to take BBC's Peaky Blinders seriously
by Danny SoZ

Dafty News has learned that the gangland communities in both major British cities of London and Glasgow are finding it extremely difficult to take the, Birmingham gangland-based, BBC TV series, Peaky Blinders, seriously, due to the Midlands accents of the characters portrayed in the popular series.

One leading London villain, Daniel “Danny Stripes” Soz, told us: “How are people supposed to take these soppy mugs seriously when they all sound like fucking halfwits?

“If I went round the spielers and drinkers on this manor, demanding earners sounding like those milky northern toerags I’d be laughed off the premises. They’re a fucking joke my son”

We also spoke to a leading underworld figure in the “Mean City” of Glasgow.

“Stephen “Stevie Chib” Hamilton, told us: “Och! Yon Brummie neds are just a wee bunch o’ dafties so they are. How can ye expect tae be taken seriously when yuir talkin’ like a fuckin’ heid case?

“If any o’ they thick Brummie cunts came up tae Glasgae demandin’ money wi’ menaces, we’d all fall aboot laffin’ and call the fuckin’ jailers, so we wuid.

“Yon BBC wuid be better aff spendin’ oor licence fees oan decent programmes like Midsomer Mudders or The Braw British Bake-Aff, so they wuid”

We tried to get a response from a few members of the Birmingham criminal fraternity last night, but unfortunately, we were unable to make out what they were saying.




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