LIDL Car Parks ‘Just Not Racist Enough’ Complain Mothers

SUPERMARKET chain LIDL has come under attack from mothers after it emerged the car parking facility doesn’t have anywhere near enough racist abuse, it has been reported.

Bigoted single mother shoppers have long campaigned against the lack of quality racial abuse and warn they will take their white supremacist views elsewhere.

One mother, who wished not to be named, said: “It’s just too nice at LIDL. Most people park properly due to the wide spacing and easy access means. It’s sickening. I haven’t had to hurl abuse at a foreign family in a People Carrier for such a long time. I’m afraid it’s simply not good enough.”

It’s not the first time a supermarket chain has come under fire. Only last week ALDI were slammed for having the lowest trolley rage statistics in the country.


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