Laser Incident Forces Ryanair Flight to Take Off on Time

A FORTY-YEAR-OLD man from England has been arrested in connection with a laser incident that forced a Ryanair plane to take off on time, it has emerged.

The man, thought to be an air traffic controller, told police he wanted to motivate the cheap destination holiday-bound flight to ‘get a move on’ and thus used a laser pen to ‘waken the pilots up’.

The air traffic controller’s lawyer said outside the police station where his client is being held:

“My client was merely looking after the welfare of the passengers and all the other planes who have to stick to a strict schedule. Without a laser pen being shone into the  eyes of the pilots the crew would never have responded to instructions to actually take off on bloody time.”

It is not the first time an incident like this has occurred. Only last month a group of terror suspects were seen pushing an easyJet plane along the runway so it too could take off on schedule.




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