Justin Bieber Fans Cancel Meet and Greet with Star as it Leaves Them Feeling Depressed

POP star Justin Bieber was left devastated yesterday after his fans took the decision to stop meeting him backstage as it leaves them feeling nauseous and totally depressed, it has emerged.

Prozac sales and prescriptions soared in recent times that have baffled psychiatrists but now thanks to the star’s fan confession, doctors have now been able to get to the bottom of the psycho pharma phenomenon that has swept the teenage world.

Doctor Eppelstein told Dafty News: “It seems these young kids have been left overwhelmed and consumed with depression after meeting the Canadian pop star, who has sold millions of records, despite nobody actually knowing the hell why.”

It’s not the first time fans of stars have opted out of meeting their idols backstage. Only last month hundreds of middle-aged women in their late 40s threw themselves in front of express trains to avoid meeting and greeting Canadian crooner Michael Bublé.

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