Jeremy Corbyn Stole my Dead Husband’s Bike Claims London Woman

An 83-year-old woman from Shadwell in East London, has made the surprising claim that Leader Of The Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, stole her late husband’s bike during an election campaign visit to the area in March of this year.

Mrs Mary Dell, a former nurse and now a resident in an old folks home in Aldgate, told Dafty News: “My Bill passed away in January, so I put his bike away in our shed for safekeeping. It was only after Mr Corbyn’s visit that I noticed it had gone. The padlock had been cut off the shed door and the bike was missing, along with our lawn mower and some of Bill’s tools. I immediately put two and two together and realised that Mr Corbyn must have done it. I even saw him pushing it down his street the other day on television. I’ve never voted Labour and I never will to be honest - especially after this. It’s their fault we’ve got all these blacks coming into the country you know.”

Corbyn, last night strongly denied the allegation. Speaking to reporters outside his home in North London, he said: “It’s absurd to suggest I had anything to do with the theft of this lady’s bicycle. I freely admit I may have climbed over her back fence to answer a call of nature, but I certainly didn’t lop off the padlock on the shed with bolt-croppers, nor did I take the bike, a hammer and bolster, a pair of mole grips and an olive green Suffolk Punch lawnmower with detachable grass collector.”

This latest allegation comes just two weeks after former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescot, was arrested following a break-in at a Jaguar car showroom in Bromley-By-Bow.



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