Jeremy Corbyn Posed With My Salt Beef Sandwich Claims Jewish Bricklayer

A bricklayer from Golders Green in North London, last night told reporters that beleaguered Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, snatched his salt beef sandwich from his hand while the workman was having his lunch yesterday, and then later posed with it in his hand for press photographers outside his home in Islington.

Mark Epstein, 57, said: “I was about to tuck in, when Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, snatched my sandwich. All he said was: “I’ll take that if you don’t mind Izzy” and strode off down the road. “I don’t know how he knew I was Jewish as I don’t really look it, apart from having a bit of a big nose”

Critics of Corbyn’s alleged anti-semitic views are dismissing the public eating of a traditional Jewish snack as a publicity stunt, something strongly denied by Corbyn himself last night: “If I wanted to prove I had nothing against the black and white shoes, I’d go into the diamond business, or step in when a Jewish colleague is being harangued by a militant left-wing extremist. You know, things like that”

Source: Ken Livingstone’s Popular Gas Chamber Monthly




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