Internet Marketers Who Work From the Beach on their Laptops Voted Biggest Twats in New Poll

WE’VE all come across those work from home, internet marketer types and many have looked up to these people in awe with a tinge of envy.

However, the jealous tide could be well in full pendulum swing after a brand new poll hailed those who claim to work from the beach on their laptops and earn six-figure sums by doing very little, are the most annoying and disliked twats on the planet.

The poll, carried out by the University of Reality also revealed internet marketers are the most likely to exaggerate and the most likely to die young from a fallen meteorite.

Dr Kleinstenhoffenberger from the Reality University told Dafty News: “Most of these so-called internet marketers still live with their moms, never come out of their basements, and have a range of personality disorders.

“What’s really scary is they want you to live like them and they claim to have the secret to do so…that they will not give you until you hand over your hard-earned gullible cash.”

One internet marketer, who wished not to be named, was caught red-handed by Dafty News reporters after it was revealed his blog photos of him surfing, wearing expensive jewellery, and images of fast red cars and good-looking women, were in fact actually his.

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