Internet Blogging Couple Really Annoying, Say Millions

A BLOGGING couple have been hailed the most annoying on the internet after a hate poll went into meltdown, it has been reported.

The couple, who combined a year ago to irritate the world wide web, spend at least eight hours each day blogging about their interests, much to the annoyance of millions of internet users.

One internet user, who wished not to be named, in fear of being added to the couple’s newsletter list, spoke to Dafty News in an exclusive interview.

She said: “I hate bloggers anyway but I double hate couple bloggers. They should get a real job instead of hanging around their content management system accounts.”

It is understood Couple Blogging is about to be the new trend this summer with fears growing that men and women who don’t even know each other could merge to form terrible and dreadful blog sites.

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