Hypnotist Paul McKenna Reveals Secret Method To Piling On The Pounds

WITH only a couple of days into 2016 many of us are looking for that special guru to help us achieve our goals.

They don’t come much bigger or better than Britain’s top hypnotist Paul McKenna.

In an exclusive only with the Dafty News, top life-changing expert reveals his top secret method to achieving absolutely fuck all this year with tips on how you can increase weight and become even more dependable on others.

In our exclusive interview McKenna said: “The key is visualizing. You visualize what you want to achieve then take  action on that vision.

“For example, if you want to expand your waistline you just have to think of large pizzas, hamburgers, beer and all those other foodstuffs that are highly dangerous…then go and order them.”

McKenna is so successful he has managed to get a whopping 86% of the British population to do exactly as he recommends with a staggering 70% not knowing who McKenna actually is.




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