Honest Signage to be Introduced to British Roads

Transport Commissioners and commuters alike had reasons to celebrate today; with the announcement that new, honest signage will be introduced to British Roads from July onwards.

The new signage, which was discussed in parliament back in 2010, will “aim to more accurately explain what dangers and delays commuters face on a day-to-day basis,” according to the head of the scheme; Ross Macadam. Current signage such as ‘Accident Ahead’, ‘Expect Delays’ and ‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’ may be replaced with ‘On Purpose Ahead’, ‘You’re Going to be Late Home and Annoyed’ and ‘Don’t Be a Clown’ respectively.

We interviewed Mr Macadam regarding the idea and asked him why he thought that honest signage is important on our roads.

“Most people in the UK will spend on average, 10 years of their life in a car and we are pandered to every day,” he explained.

“When you’re heading home from work, you don’t want to be told there’s an accident ahead because what if it wasn’t an accident? What if the person who rammed the car that caused the incident meant it?! They could have followed them all day, maybe a disgruntled employee belting into their boss or a road rage incident that’s escalated.”

“You don’t need to know you’re going to be ‘delayed’ either, it’s so unspecific and unhelpful; we feel that something like “Your Dinner Will Be Cold When you Get Home” or “Someone Has Smacked into a Tree” is more truthful and is more likely to keep us happy on the roads.”

“It also prevents the rubber-necking which causes further delays! This is a great new change to our busy roadways.”

Mr Macadam and his colleagues at TrackSense have been fighting the case for the new signage for almost three decades and their first major victory was the discussion in Westminster on the issue in 2010. MP’s voted overwhelmingly in favour of the changes. The general consensus is that the public are also in favour of the change.

You can look forward to the first new signs being on the road in July, and a UK wide roll-out from January 2017.

By Craig Johnstone

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