Hitler Compared to Everything

ADOLPH HITLER was once again embroiled in controversy after being compared to anything and everything, it has emerged.

The former Nazi leader, who many regard as being a little bit anti-social, was once again caught up in British political row after politicians in the UK linked just about everything to the former dictator.

Spokesperson for Adolph Hitler told Dafty News: “Once again Adolph’s name has been brought into disrepute. The very second something goes wrong in the UK Adolph’s name gets brought up and compared to everything. It is completely disrespectful and has caused Mr Hitler untold distress.”

Dafty News understands some of the comparisons to Hitler have come in the shape of:

  • Decisions made by politicians
  • The economy
  • The weather
  • Slow traffic light change
  • People who make loud eating noises
  • Long queues

This is not the first time a famous political figure has been brought into the comparison mix.

Only last month former President of Uganda, Idi Amin, was compared to every immigrant bus driver in the Greater London area.


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