Haribo Sweets - Inspiration Behind the Name ‘Spanish Plume’

Long-term weather prediction for the summer produced a strange shape, starting in Africa and fanning out over the UK - thanks to an accident involving a jumbo size packet of Haribo sweets.

Seated in a dark corner of an undisclosed location, weather expert Brian Walters was eagerly studying the long range weather charts when his family pack of Haribo sweets fell onto a print of Europe and the UK map.

What was strange about this scenario, the mixed sweets had fallen into many of the patterns and wavy lines that highlighted a plume-like shape.

“I would never have noticed the plume shape if it wasn’t for my confectionary outlining the point of origin. With a croco mix at the tip of north Africa drawing the Cola bottles with a few random jelly bears toward France, I saw a pattern emerging.

Meanwhile, an interesting collection of fried eggs had settled in Spain creating a huge pluming effect with the ring-shaped dummies scattered over the UK.” - Brian Walters, Haribo Fanatic

Creating shapes for long-term weather predictions is likely to catch on, as teams of weather experts are currently experimenting with Tangfastics to predict UK bellend for a cold winter.

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