Growing Concerns After Another ‘Life Coach’ Appears on Facebook

by Kat Ziegel

FACEBOOK users were subjected to another self-proclaimed ‘life coach’ this morning after a middle-aged woman paid for a sponsored post with the social media giant, in a bid to capture more leads, it has been reported.

The latest in a long line of so-called ‘motivational gurus’ appeared in many feeds across the United Kingdom and the USA, sparking serious concerns about the safety of using Facebook.

One Facebook user who wished not to be named was left horrified after a video clip showing her how she can ‘get rid of her anxiety’ found its way into her feed as she was scrolling through all her friends’ posts looking for cute cat images.

She told Dafty News: “It was absolutely horrific. I have never seen anything like it. These people should be banned from ever using Facebook. They are just a bunch of patronizing self-important fuckwits.”

Dafty News contacted Facebook in a bid for clarification. A spokesperson replied stating ‘they will look into it’ and they admit to seeing lots of these highly motivated individuals paying for sponsored posts which may have sickened people.

“We simply cannot have these people clog up Facebook with their positive energy and telling people how to live a better and healthy life. It is simply not on and will not be tolerated. Everybody knows Facebook is purely for bullying, blocking and not being able to take part in adult-like debate.” - Facebook Spokesperson

Facebook users have been warned to stay vigilant and urged anyone who comes across a social media homemade positive video clip from a phone; to call the appropriate authorities or to find out where these sick individuals live and beat them up.

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