Groupon Couples Found Guilty of Irritating Everybody

TWO COUPLES from London who were accused of annoying and boring everyone to tears after boasting about their Groupon experiences have been found guilty, it has been reported.

The two couples, thought to be in their early thirties with secure jobs, have been boring their friends for months after getting together to claim deals in restaurants, bars, and even having the audacity to go to the cinema together where witnesses say they watched unentertaining films of no relevance whatsoever but they did get 20% off.

One witness, who felt sick after the Groupon incident, said: “It was really awful. Watching two couples who only know each other through work merge together to inflict damage on their other friends and family by unleashing a series of boring tales of discounts, made me feel ill.”

It is not the first time the two couples have caused social controversy. Only last month they sickened their community by joining a tennis club.

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