Grandfather knocks out 6-year-old following toy microphone ordeal

by Danny SoZ

An 83-year-old grandfather from Whitechapel in East London was in police custody last night after landing a concussive uppercut to the jaw of his 6-year-old grandson who was playing with a voice-altering toy microphone he had received earlier as a Christmas present.

According to family members, Toby Dell, a former light-heavyweight boxer, rose from his chair as the youngster used the device to shout into his ear and delivered the knock-out blow, which reportedly caused the child’s feet to leave the ground to such an extent he struck his head on the ceiling.

Dell’s 80-year-old wife told reporters: “I could see he was becoming irritated by the little one constantly marching up to him with the microphone and shouting into his face, but I must admit I was quite surprised when he hit him like that. He was bawling and shouting and calling the poor little thing a f******g noisy little **** and everything”

Last Boxing Day, Mr Dell was bound over to keep the peace by Horseferry Road magistrates after driving his Land Rover at his 4-year-old granddaughter, who was marching up and down outside the house blowing a Kazoo.

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