Government Urge Brits to Drink More Under New Guidelines

BRITONS were given a boost yesterday after the government’s new HealthWatch system proposed a staggering new guideline that will help the country enjoy themselves more.

‘Drink as much alcohol as you can’ was the mantra after the Annual Alcohol Consumption Level papers were published, causing concern amongst the government, the drinks industry and manufacturers of liver dialysis machines that Brits are not drinking anywhere as much as they should.

Spokesperson for the government said today: “Alcohol intake is a real issue in Britain today. The public are simply not drinking enough.”

The new alcohol intake guideline promises to increase consumption and up the level on units of alcohol allowed.

Householders across the nation will receive a pamphlet with instructions on how to drink more, plus a FREE DVD will be posted out to millions of addresses that will have tutorials on how to get absolutely bladdered.


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