Glasgow Man Buys Blue Mug

Reports were coming in on the wires last night that a  middle-aged Glasgow man purchased a blue mug from a camping supplies store in the Drumchapel district of the city yesterday afternoon.

One eye-witness, Tony Malahide, 38, who has lived locally all his life, told waiting reporters. “I was walking past the camping shop when I spotted the mug in the window. It was one of those enamelled metal jobs and was reduced from £2.50 to £1.75. I was tempted to buy it myself, with a view to keeping it in the shed at my allotment for when I fancied a brew. However, before I could come to a decision, a man walked into the shop and bought it for cash. He was middle-aged and quite well-dressed, with greying hair and a faded scar on his right cheek. I’ve now given a full description to the police”

In other news, a woman from The Isle Of Dogs in East London was reportedly seen taking advantage of a “Buy One Get One Free” offer on tinned chopped ham and pork in a branch of Tescos in Cripplegate.





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