Fitbit user walks to pub to increase his steps

by Kat Ziegel

An avid Fitbit user claims to have come up with a magical formula to add more steps onto his steps calculator on his Fitbit Charge 2, it has emerged.

The overweight taxi driver, thought to be in his early 50s, who vowed to do more exercise at the turn of the year, told Dafty News:

“I was receiving notifications on my Fitbit telling me I haven’t accumulated quite enough steps. It’s really important to have as many steps as possible so I decided to walk to the pub and walk back home again.

“Unfortunately walking home from the pub caused some confusion. My Fitbit was telling me I was off course and the GPS showed a map of me walking sideways quite a lot.”

A Fitbit spokesperson told Dafty News: “We see quite a lot of men walking home from the pub with their Fitbits still on their wrist.

“We are working on developing a ‘stagger app’ to record how many times a drunk guy falls over or bumps into things. It will help users get the most out of their Fitbit when they are a bit pissed.”

It’s not the first time a drunk has used a wearable to their advantage.

Last year a 19-stone assistant nurse wore her heart monitor everytime she passed by a row of bakers to see which one set off her excited heart rate the most.



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