FBI Bypass Apple Security: And Finally Make a Phone Call

THE FEDS are believed to have cracked open Apple’s tight security, sparking frustration and anger among privacy groups, it has emerged.

In a long-standing court battle between The Department of Justice and tech giant Apple, the FBI claim they needed to hack into some iPhones in order to make a series of calls and text messages.

FBI agent Chuck McGarrity told Dafty News from a secret location: “We had no option but to breach Apple’s security. Three of our staff required a late night cab, one staff member wanted to order a pizza and a few of the guys were desperate to check their online football betting scores. The only way to use an iPhone is to unlock a fucking tight password, it’s awful.”

Meanwhile, Apple hit back with a promise of revenge by releasing another new iPhone - immediately after their latest release.

FBI say Apple’s decision to release another product will cause the whole planet to give up on life and immerse into even more self-pity and useless indulgence.

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