Facebook Users Get Revenge on Those Who Send Out Game Requests

INTERNET—The end game has finally come for those who send out game requests on Facebook. A new app has been developed by a bunch of disgruntled mothers, it has emerged.

The app, which is called, Hide and Go Fuck Yourself’ works by downloading and setting an immediate response schedule where it replies to anyone who sends you a game request.

One of the ‘Hide and Go Fuck Yourself’ app developers, a mum-of-six from Manchester in England, told Dafty News: “A bunch of us got together as we were sick of receiving game requests from some of our ‘friends’ on Facebook.

We decided to get revenge by developing our own game in response to those game requests and we came up with the ‘Hide and Go Fuck Yourself’ app.”

According to the angry housewives, the app will send a ping-back with a clear message to hide and go fuck yourself.

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