Facebook Slams User for Being Right All the Time

A 49-YEAR-OLD Facebook user has been criticized by Facebook itself for ‘always being right’ and for ‘consistently being spot on with all of his posts and comments’.

The user, thought to be an unemployed father-of-eight, spends a total of 16 hours each day on the social network site posting and commenting on just about every subject from politics to ‘how to cure an aching solar plexus’.

Facebook spokesperson said of the man who is always right: “He really is a bit of a pain in the ass. He thinks he knows about every subject going and tries to impress other users with his ‘wealth of knowledge’.”

According to Facebook Tracking Your Every Move data system, the 16 hours the man spends is actually split into 8 hours on Facebook and the other 8 on Google trying to come up with answers and solutions.

Facebook added further:

“These people who think they are always right have to be avoided at all costs. The chances of a heavy-drinking unemployed man nearing his 50s - and who still lives with his mum - knowing more than a doctor, scientist, political analyst and sports pundit, is extremely unthinkable.

“It’s more likely he is deranged and a bit of a fantasist - which of course covers about 98% of our users.”





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