Facebook Optical Illusion Grips Internet: As Mother Logs in and Doesn’t Post Anything About Her Kids

SOCIAL MEDIA descended into meltdown after a sensational optical illusion gripped Facebook yesterday.

The illusion which shows a stay-at-home mother-of-four log into her Facebook account and doesn’t post any photos of her children.

The illusion, which has confused and shocked millions, also reveals the pretty mum staying on Facebook for around four hours and doesn’t update her status with a philosophical meme.

Facebook spokesperson said this morning: “It is without question one of the greatest-ever optical illusions so far on the internet. It has everything to grip the nation.”

It is understood the latest optical illusion was not the only one this week on Facebook. Just the other day a teenage make-up blogger stunned the social media giants after she tidied her room before carrying out a series of arched eyebrow tutorials.


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