Facebook Comes to a Standstill After User Informs Everyone She’s ‘Landed’

AN IRRITATING mother-of-two brought social media website Facebook to a complete standstill after she posted a photo of her holiday plane landing on the runway, it has been reported.

The mom thought to be a typical housewife who lives off the back of her hard-working husband, took her two children on holiday to an unknown European spot.

On arrival, it emerged she whipped out her phone and began to take photos of the runway from her window seat.

Passengers raged with many complaining.

One passenger told our reporters: “She was totally annoying throughought the whole journey. She did everything to piss all the other passengers off with her behaviour. It was sickening watching her log into Facebook and announcing to the world she had ‘landed’. What a complete pillock she is.”

A spokesperson for the airline said they were aware of the incident and have reported it to both the aviation authority and Facebook.

Meanwhile Facebook declined to comment but did admit their site was jammed for a coule of hours due to some photos of a plane landing on the runway posted by a very annoying mom.



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