F.A. Probe ‘Bungs for Players’ Who Can Pass the Ball Accurately

FOOTBALL in England descended into further chaos yesterday after it emerged the Football Association are looking into alleged bungs given to players and their agents if they successfully passed the ball straight and to one of their team-mates.

The latest revelation comes days after the English F.A. sacked manager Sam Allardyce for breaching F.A. rules.

A spokesperson from the F.A. said of the latest scandal to hit English football: “It is difficult to keep up with allegations of bungs, paid under the table, brown envelopes and offshore accounts, but this latest one is the biggest setback by far. We will not tolerate players being paid extra money for making a string of passes.”

It is thought around 1000 players playing in the top flight have been paid large sums of money in brown envelopes if they can make an accurate pass or at least find a team-mate in space.

The probe continues.

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