EXPOSED: Geoff Hurst’s Controversial ’66 Goal Never Crossed the Line

PROOF: stunning evidence proves ball never crossed over the line in brand new, never-before-seen, digitally-enhanced angle.

FOOTY HISTORY—For almost fifty years the dragging debate on whether or not Geoff Hurst’s famous goal line goal ever crossed the line has finally been laid to rest once and for all; thanks to stunning new camera angle shot that proves beyond any reasonable doubt the ball didn’t cross the line. Therefore the goal should have been disallowed, according to forensic revelation discovered in Scotland.

The incredible claim is a result of enhanced digital photography carried out by football conspiracy website that boats of 5 million Scottish administrators, reports say.

Not only does the incredible image show the ball not fully crossing the line, the website has unearthed classified information on how Geoff Hurt’s goal managed to fool millions of television and cinema viewers and even stump enhanced digital investigators for five decades.

The football conspiracy website, owned by 1 million angry Hamish McDonalds, posted a statement on their website proving the goal was never a goal:

We have undeniable proof the English groundsman at Wembley used less chalk on the goal line to make the line more thinner and the match ball was designed to expand an extra three inches anytime it hit the underside of the bar.”

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