Euro 2016 Under Threat After Isis Predicts Most Boring Tournament Ever

TERROR group ISIS have warned the public to stay well away from the games at the Euro 2016 in France, after they made threats that the tournament will be the most boring of all time, according to sources.

Islamic State leaders say they expect a lot of scoreless draws, lots of play-acting by so-called athletes and an overwhelming lack of skill and excitement.

Our inside leak whistleblower on the ground at a training camp for the Islamic State group spoke to Dafty News.

He said: “England have announced their squad with Wayne Rooney once again notching a place on Hodgosn’s plane. You can be guaranteed scores of hype but little in the way of how football should be played.”

It is understood ISIS plan to unleash a string of other warnings before and during the tournament that includes: players feigning injury and cheating to get a penalty, really bad haircuts and awful tattoos, and a host of extremely desperate attention-seeker supporters.

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