English Defence League Slam Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Book For Not Having Any Pictures In It

AS the ban on one of the most controversial books in history is lifted, not everyone is raving about the former Nazi leader’s memoirs.

The EDL (English Defence League) have reportedly shown their disappointment as the book doesn’t contain pictures.

Spokespersons from the publishers of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) said today in a statement:

“The book was written by a writer of high intelligence so there are words, phrases and paragraphs that will be alien to anyone with a two-digit IQ and peeled bloodied skin on the backs of their knuckles inflicted by too much dragging along concrete.”

Adolph Hitler comes up Trumps at his local bookshop cafe.

Meanwhile followers of the EDL vented their frustration at the book’s lack of graphic content, also.

Dafty News spoke to two very thick-skulled skinheads earlier today.

One EDL member told our reporter how he ‘struggled to understand Hitler’s autobiography and wished the book came in the style of a Peter & Jane format’, but the publishers said it would not be appropriate to have two well-presented healthy kids, a ball, a swing and a cute family dog playing outside a concentration camp.

Their leader said he hadn’t read it yet, but will do so when he finishes the book he’s on at the moment. He only has two more pictures to colour in.

The publishers do have plans to please the growing number of neos that have resurfaced after the book ban was lifted by printing a batch of anti-Semitic dot-to-dot books…accompanied with a free crayon.





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