England’s notorious soccer hooligans yesterday heaped more shame on the nation when they shamelessly turned tail and ran from marauding Russian thugs at the end of the two countrys 1-1 draw in Marseilles last night.

Scores of louts, including a number of rampaging women and children, disgraced the nation as they sought refuge by jumping over a dividing wall to seek shelter from their Russian rivals who, according to eye-witnesses, were merely spoiling for a decent violent confrontation at full-time.

One injured lout was pictured holding his young son while blatantly bleeding on a woman in front of him, while a young female fan was clearly shown shamelessly trampling over seats as she fled the oncoming yobs

An ashen-faced Home Secretary, Theresa May, said last night: “These drink-fuelled louts are a blot on the proud tradition of soccer hooliganism that our country has spent decades building. Back in the 80s and 90s our lads would have stood firm in the face of foreign liberty-taking, and would have put at least 20 or more Russkies in hospital before going off to smash up a few bars. I just hope The Queen wasn’t watching this ignominy is all I can say”

There was further shame for British louts yesterday afternoon when a number of Northern Ireland thugs were beaten bloody by rampaging French fans as they sat quietly watching the news on tv with their wives and children in a bar in Lens.




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