England to be Even More Shit After New Appointment

THE English F.A. hope to convince the rest of the world how bad the national team is after their latest managerial appointment, it has emerged.

Spokesperson for the F.A. told Dafty News at a press conference: “Nobody believes how bad we really are so we thought we’d put the record straight by securing the services of our new manager and his backroom staff.”

In previous years since their famous World Cup 1966 win the F.A., the media and all the fans of the English national team, have been living a lie under the false pretentions that they are actually a threat to the rest of the world.

The F.A. spokesperson further enforced the need for England to come clean when he told a packed room full of eager journalists: “It’s about time we owned up and with the new appointment it will be more believable this time.”

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