An Elderly Man’s Emotional Song Cover Could Stop People In Their Tracks

Incredible moment captured on video showing elderly gentleman’s singing and piano skills.

Katriona Dean had no idea what magic she was in for when she placed her piano “Foxgang Amadeus” onto the streets of Cobourg, Ontario for anyone to play.

The moment when an elderly stranger sat down at the piano and started playing she just knew something beautiful was about to happen. So, she started filming, and oh boy was she right. The elderly gentleman, Michael McNamara, started covering Say Something by A Great Big World, and not only was he a good piano player, but a brilliant singer too.

You just have to watch this to witness the magic for yourself.


(Source: Katriona Dean)

That is hands down the most powerful thing I have seen in a long time, and yet it’s also so vulnerable and human. It’s like I can feel a lifetime of heartaches and a beautiful soul trying to cope with it all.

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