Ed Sheeran Faces $20M Lawsuit: For Copying Boris Johnson’s Hairstyle

BRITISH musician, Ed Sheeren has been accused of plagiarism after reportedly lifting the hairstyle of English politician Boris Johnson, it has been revealed.

Copyright and inFRINGEment lawyers who  have won similar cases for their clients - including suing Susan Boyle for copying every hairdresser who has ever used a pair of one-sided blunt scissors - spoke today about the controversial copycatting that could see the popular music icon having to pay out large sums.

“There are far too many similarities in their hairstyles and with photographic evidence and examining birth certificates it’s very clear Sheeren has copied our client Boris Johnson.

“Both have unkept, un-combed and ridiculously brushed over styles. The only difference is Mr Sheeren is a little ginger winger and Mr Johnson is as white as a snow leopard.”

Sheeren’s lawyers plan to counter sue by insisting their client did not lift anything from Mr Johnson - but from every lazy-assed 14-year-old schoolboy who is always late for class.

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