Eastenders Live Broadcast Leaves Viewers in a Tiz

Everyone wondering what Max Branning said to Abi during the Last Lines.

Eastenders mumbles confuses viewers.


By Jacqueline Stewart

Mystery deepens as the live broadcast of Eastenders revealed Max Branning fluffing his most important lines during the final scene of Eastenders.

Many viewers had completely lost the reason why they were watching the soap in the first place; the next important mystery that had emerged from the show that was beamed live to the nation, was “What did he say?”

Many who watched the live show have two things to think about: who killed Lucy Beale? And, what did Max Branning say to Abi?

A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous through fear of ridicule, told us today, “I had to keep rewinding the last minute of the show, because I did not know what Max had said. It looked as though Abi did not know what Max had said to her either, as she did look at Max a bit funny after he mumbled and slurred his way through important cliffhanger lines.”

Twitter was ablaze with many viewers tweeting about Max Branning’s garbled words.

Christopher from Leeds tweeted,

“What did he say?”

Brenda from North London tweeted,

“Oh, what did he say?”

Mandy from Brighton tweeted,

“I missed the last important lines; my mother had phoned me during the last minute of the live broadcast, what did he say?”

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