Sky TV frontman, Eamonn Holmes, came under fire this morning after describing Crystal Palace supporters, arriving at Wembley for today’s FA Cup Final against Manchester United as behaving like a “plague of scuttling vermin”

Speaking on his breakfast show this morning, United fan, Holmes, told viewers: “It was sickening to see these so-called human beings arriving at Wembley this morning; decked out in Crystal Palace colours, guzzling hot dogs and swilling from bottles of pop. Some of these moronic louts even had their wives and kids with them for God’s sake. They poured off that train at Wembley Park station like a plague of scuttling vermin. They were worse than those West Ham scumbags that made us all hark bark to the dark days of the hooligan-led tragedy at Hillsborough with their pelting of our boy’s team bus last Tuesday. I’d birch the lot of them to be honest with you”

Holmes later apologised for his outburst in a brief statement: “I’m sorry I accused the Crystal Palace fans of eating hotdogs. It has now been pointed out to me that some of them had brought a flask and a packed lunch”




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