A 41-year-old woman from the sleepy backwater town of Dorking in Surrey has sensationally claimed that she has lost 2lbs in weight since the end of the Xmas festivities by reducing her intake of junk food and doing some gentle exercise.

Speaking at a hastily called press conference in central London last night, Tracy Carter, a housewife and mother of two, told reporters: “Just after Christmas I noticed that I was having trouble fastening my jeans and that I was getting a bit of a double chin. My husband noticed it too and made one or two rather unkind personal remarks. I, therefore, decided to reduce my intake of fatty and sugary foods, replacing them with healthier, less calorie-laden options. I also started going out for short walks in the afternoon instead of sitting in front of the TV eating snacks. In only 3 weeks I lost just over 2lbs and I couldn’t be happier”

This latest news comes just days after a 67-year-old man from the nearby town of Guildford, made the sensational claim that he has whitened his front teeth a bit after purchasing an electric toothbrush in the January sales.

Source: The Fat Bastard & Teeth Watchers Bugle




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