Donald Trump Banned From Muslims

A leading figurehead in the Islamic community has banned Donald “Top” Trumps from entering Mosques. This is due to his unelectable thin hair and ‘American Dad’ fashion of wearing only one blue suit on repeat. Not to mention a smorgasbord of racial prejudices that would make Hitler pretend to take a call just to leave the room.

Jason Stagheart, Head of Anthropology and Loose Women Studies (BTEC) said:

“Perhaps the reason he is so unsettling when he comes on our T.V screens is because he appears to look like Bart Simpson if everything went wrong. If Apu sells Bart a -9C cement-thick Slushy, the worst thing that happens is he gets incurable brain freeze and collapses on the sofa.”

“I’ve yet to see the episode where Bart gets engulfed in Mein Kampf, robotically shaves his head in front of the mirror and humms the words to Helter Skelter backwards. I’ve also not seen the follow up episode in which boasts the “longest animated racially pumped montage scene” (The Times) where he recruits Millhouse and Nelsen to take over the Quicky-Mart and liberate Springfield from the heinous clutches of multi-culturalism.”

“This is why you shuffle and cringe in your seats. He’s a perfect example of what happens when you get absolutely everything wrong, and the only thing you can do is sit back and watch the hatred unfold.”

With D’Trump generating more racial hatred that an SS wind up doll - how long will it be before his supporters stop taking him seriously? Perhaps when he starts blaming wheat for taking over the toaster his grandfather left him or maybe the nail on the head will be his inevitable declaration of war on former-Persia for that time he got a carpet burn trying to leap-frog the cat.




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