Criminals to Spend Jail Terms in Ice-themed ‘Frozen’ Pop-up Experiences

THE GOVERNMENT announced today their brand new shake-up that they believe will reduce the country’s rising crime rate.

Criminals expected to land stiffer punishment by spending their sentences in ‘Frozen’ pop-up experiences.

They will now send criminals to spend their jail terms in the dreaded ‘Frozen’ Disney camps, it has emerged.

Prison expert and criminal psychologist Geezer ‘Arry spoke of the new plans: “This is a great move because prisons are cushy numbers.

If you are a villain you don’t want to be detained in one of those ice-themed pop-up places – they make hard labour camps in North Korea seem like a fortnight in Magaluf.”

Prison bosses say the criminals will think twice about re-offending after experiencing the ‘Frozen Camps’

Our very own top cop, Harry Scapegoat, said: “Spending even just one night in a ‘Frozen’ Pop-up Experience would drive you ‘round the bleedin’ bend.

They have foam for snow that blows out of a machine. There’s a Polystyrene castle.The dreaded face painting and there is a silly little blonde burd that goes around all day asking you if you want to build a bloody snowman.”

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