Corbyn “Slow to React” Following Ken Livingstone Synagogue-Burning Incident

Embattled Labour Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was accused of being slow to react after controversial Labour activist, and former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, was arrested at his home shortly after being caught on CCTV burning down a synagogue in Whitechapel, East London.

Livingstone, already under fire for making anti-semitic comments on a radio phone-in yesterday, was allegedly filmed pouring an accelerant through the letterbox of the synagogue before pushing in a burning rag, at 8.15pm last night.

Corbyn, a long-time friend and fellow left-winger, was reluctant to comment last night; but eventually spoke to reporters outside his home just before midnight:

“Ken is no more an anti-Semite than I am, or indeed, any other member of The Labour Party. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. He was probably just making a burnt offering or something. The whole thing’s absurd to be honest. I even saw Ken playing “My Yiddisher Moma” on the jew’s harp at The Labour Party Conference in 1975 for God’s sake”

Outraged Jewish pressure groups have been quick to respond along with a reported sighted of The Chief Rabbi urinating in Livingstone’s newt pond late last night.




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