Cooker Clock Chaos: Millions of Brits Sectioned in Psychiatric Units

GREAT BRITAIN descended into a mental breakdown after millions struggled to cope with the stress of changing their cooker clocks forward at the weekend, it has emerged.

If I could turn back time: housewives struggle mentally to make any sense of their cooker clocks, resulting in mass meltdown.

Psychiatric hospitals up and down the country were said to be swamped with housewives on a frenzied rampage as the bi-annual tradition of changing the clocks drove many into a complete breakdown.

One leading psychiatric unit told Dafty News: “The stresses of trying to change the time on cookers is just too much for some people to cope with.

“If the clocks are hand dials then that’s okay but the digital ones seems to have driven many over the edge. We are completely fully booked and expect more as the chaos continues.”

Cooker clock expert and time change psychologist Avril Beckenstein said: “It’s not as much as the clocks themselves but the cooker manuals. They make no sense at all. There are too many buttons and the features can be a bit overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, psychotic drug companies have announced a spike in sales and can’t wait until October when the clocks go back again.

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