Computer User Raging After Being Forced to Use Two Hands to Copy & Paste

ONE angry geek was fuming yesterday after using a keyboard shortcut on his Windows computer, it has been reported.

The computer user was left absolutely livid after having to use his other hand to copy and paste content on his Word.doc.

The user, thought to be very experienced, moaned as he spoke to Dafty News: “How can Windows call it a bloody ‘shortcut’? Normally one hand would suffice but thanks to these new slick keyboards I have to lift my other hand and use that to copy and paste something. Windows should just have one key for copying and pasting. It’s so annoying and extremely hard work having to use the other hand.”

The geek is not the first to complain about using shortcuts on their keyboard.

It is estimated about 60 million Windows users are hospitalised each year after turning the Caps Lock on and off.

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