Cliff Richard Fans Driven Into Exile

CLIFFVILLE—Millions of Cliff Richard fans have gone into exile after selling their homes, it has emerged.

Cliff Richard’s fans follow their idol into driven exile. Photo:

Reports also suggest Cliff’s albums have also gone into hiding in fear of being brought out again for public ridicule.

Spokesperson and close whistleblower inside leak aid spokesman told Dafty News from an undisclosed location: “Cliff’s fans are worried and living in constant fear of being blamed by the hungry mainstream media for a number of allegations —including being a Cliff Richard fan. Millions have simply disappeared and gone into exile. It is not a good time to be a Cliff fan.”

Meanwhile those searching for the truth say they will wait patiently because Christmas is only half a year away and Cliff and his army of fans will surely resurface.

One spokesperson said: “Cliffy Boy is gonna have to use Mistletoe & Wine’s royalty money to pay for expensive lawyers to clear his fans’ names.”



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