British Gas to Offer a Free Weekend Booze Binge at Wetherspoons and a £5 Voucher at Local Kebab Takeaway

Anguish as 10% of the British Population is Vegetarian, Non-drinking, and Smart Meter Customers

In a bid to encourage the un-United Kingdom to switch to a smart meter for gas has fallen on deaf ears today, but British Gas has upped their stakes by offering a free weekend booze binge at any local Wetherspoons pub with a topping-off bonus voucher at a nearest kebab takeaway of choice.

The five quid voucher is a seductive move with the UK population, as kebabs are really nice… after closing time.

It is thought that a booze-fest followed by a kebab is a great way to round off a great weekend.

Dafty News researchers who thought they had spent a 3-day weekend with potential smart gas meter customers said, “We enjoyed our 4-day weekend in Wetherspoons, but without a clock on the wall our live Facebook videos was a problem, as the next galaxy, once removed from Wi-Fi was a little tricky.

“The Kebab alarm call at 3am Monday morning was not an enjoyable experience either.”


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