Brainstorming - My Latest Pet Hate Word

People We’d Love to Smack

As you may know by now I have a penchant for sayings and phrases. Well, at least the ones that mean something and are worth while posting about.

I also have a great dislike for sayings and phrases that really annoy me. Don’t you just hate something you don’t like?

My latest has to be those who use the term ‘Brainstorming’. Even writing that term really makes me want to go on an upstate rampage.

Brainstorming is used by marketers and advertisers who are looking for new ways to brand their products and services. They collectively get together and take part in ‘Brainstorming’.

Take the part ‘Brain’. Okay, I get it; we don’t need any clarification here as it really is quite self-explanatory.

Now take the part ‘Storming’. Have a look at the dictionary and you’ll see its true meaning from: ‘To blow forcefully’ to ‘To assault, capture, or captivate by storm’.

I like this one the best: ‘A violent, sudden attack’.

The next idiot to say the phrase ‘Brainstorming’ in front of me is gonna get it big time. I will beat the fucker’s skull into a pulp with a baseball bat or a blunt instrument then get my defence lawyer to back my case. He will say: “Your honour and ladies and gentlemen in the jury, my client is innocent of any crime or wrong-doing. She was merely carrying out some enterprising ideas.

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