Armed Raiders Target Jewelers 130 Miles From Infants School

An armed gang yesterday stole gems worth over 1 million pounds from a jeweler’s shop in central London, just 130 miles from an infants school in Derby.

The gang struck at 2.30pm yesterday while the youngsters would have been at lessons or playing outside in the sandpit if it was dry enough.

Detective Inspector Terence Dell, from Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad, told reporters: “This is undoubtedly the most audacious and utterly ruthless crime I have ever encountered in over 20 years of policing. How these individuals could have gone into these premises carrying firearms with vulnerable youngsters playing just 130 miles away is beyond me. I just thank God none of them were harmed and that they are all now safely back with their parents”.

This latest shocking incident comes just 10 days after a London man was held by police for having a bald tyre on his car just 230 miles from an old people’s home in Scarborough.




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