Andrea Leadsom Exaggerated Her Dad’s Fighting Prowess Claims Theresa May

Under-fire Prime ministerial hopeful, Andrea Leadsom, came under a blistering attack from her rival for No 10, Theresa May, earlier today.

May, who was herself targeted by Leadsom yesterday for not having any children, and therefore not having anything invested in Britain’s future, hit back in a brief press statement: “Andrea told me that her dad would have easily beaten up my dad when they were both younger.

“She told me that he used to be a professional wrestler and that he’d beaten both Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks at The Fairfield Halls in Croydon on the same day.

“My electoral team have done some research however, and she’s definitely lying. He only fought once as a pro, and that was at The Orchid Ballroom in Stepney, where he lost by two pinfalls and a submission to Kendo Nagasaki”

This shock revelation comes just two days after, beleaguered Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was found to have lied about the size of his cock in a “sext” to ex-lover, Dianne Abbott; in which he stated: “My dick is 12″ long but I don’t use it as a rule.”




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