Over 40s Given Huge Boost: Magic Mushrooms to Make a Comeback

FORTYSOMETHINGS greeted the news earlier this morning after it was announced magic mushrooms are to make a comeback.

The mushrooms, a favoured hallucination substance in the 80s, will be spread out across the country where anyone over the age of 40 will be welcome to take a trip down memory lane.

Spokesperson for the 80s Revival told Dafty News: “Magic mushrooms have been missed for a couple of decades now and their long-awaited return will be a blessing to bored and miserable sods in their 40s.”

Former magic mushroom addict, Les, a 47-year-old grandfather-of-twelve, was ecstatic when he spoke to Dafty News.

He said: “At last! We can start to live again instead of just moping around in this miserable existence we call life.”

It is understood the magic mushroom revival will see mushrooms exactly how they were in the 80s that will include full-scale hallucination experiences with the occasional bad trip to enduce the mush-loved ‘whitey’ experience.

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